Moppeteers Infant Care Program

Moppeteers Infant care is a wonderful and magical place for your precious little one who deserves the best care in his/her early life. At Moppeteers, every infant is well-tended by qualified educators and experienced infant nurses. Our trained infant educators will engage child’s senses through soft talk, music and gentle touch that is essential for their wholistic development. Our specialized kitchen prepares healthy food options like organic cereals, nutritious porridge, and fresh fruit puree. All under the watchful eyes of our educarers, which means your child has fun learning in a safe and nurturing environment. We ensure that your precious little one is in a safe and nurturing environment while they have load of fun learning through play.

Moppeteers Infant Care Facility

Experience Edu Givers

Small Teacher-Child Ratio (1:3)

Home Feel Learning Environment


Multi-Sensorial Play

At the infancy stage, the young ones are also known as experiential and opportunistic learners. They take time to make sense of the elements surrounding them

They learn by:

  • Experiencing things through their senses.
  • Developmental exercises are incorporated during infant care which aids to stimulate the senses to build a strong foundation for their holistic growth.
  • All the senses are stimulated in a specially designed environment which also provides a platform for our little ones to build up a sense of creativity,inquisitiveness and exploration

Motor Skills Development

✓ Motor skills are developed during infant care through repetitive actions and physical experimentation with activities that are specifically designed to specific physical actions.
✓ There are a wide range of engaging activities to help the infants to properly develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Cognitive and Communication Development

✓ This developmental area of our little ones relies on the Synapses that are formed in the brain and thus activities are based on enabling infants to make network of synapses between sensory, social, emotional, actions and communicative interactions.

✓ Our little one’s brain is rapidly making sense of the world through listening and absorbing the sounds of language which forms the foundation for speech.

✓ Musical stimulation is also one of THE most essential component for our infants as it has a positive impact on an infant’s creativity, spatial intelligence, emotional growth and cognitive development. Thus they are exposed to nursery rhymes, poems and stories. This helps to capture their attention and stimulate their linguistic capabilities.


Social and Emotional Development

✓ Our Little Ones learn to make sense of their emotions by interacting with people around them.

✓ A responsive and interactive communicative learning environment will enable the little ones to learn about various moods, gestures and emotions.

✓ The activities planned aim to nurture healthy emotional and social development.

✓ It is essential to grow with a balanced emotional capacity by diverting
negative emotions into positive ones.

Self-Exploration and Discovery

Moppeteers provide the conducive learning environment which provides a platform for the little ones to explore.

✓ Being natural explorers, activities and lessons are planned to arouse their curiosity and encourage free exploration.
✓ We introduce a thematic learning approach which incorporates the fun element and is rich in hands-on experiences.


Some of the key areas of our infant care include designated spaces

✓ Sleeping area ( comes with cots for younger infants and mattresses for older infants )
✓ Activity area with age-appropriate play materials for infants.
✓ Food preparation area with a refrigerator to store baby food and expressed milk, sterilizer for milk bottles and a sink with running water
✓ Washing area for bath time.