What Moppeteers Parents Say

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  • “Moppeteers Has Played An Instrumental Part In Kino Gaining More Self Confidence And Developing His Social Skills.”
    Moppeteers has played an instrumental part in Kino gaining more self confidence and developing his social skills.
    His love and appreciation for music and movement was also increased because of the school’s enrichment class, which encourages kids to be curious in different areas.

  • “You Will Feel Secure As Your Child Will Be In Good Hands With Moppeteers!”
    Ezio has been with Moppeteers since playgroup(PG). He has grown and gained a lot of knowledge with Moppeteers. In addition, the school has given them a good environment, where you will feel secure as your child will be in good hands with the teachers. Furthermore, the school has given them opportunities such as “show and tell” session whereby every child has to present themselves bravely in front of the class to develop their interpersonal skills. I am pleased that Ezio is having a joyful and enriching education journey with Moppeteers. – Parent of Ezio

  • You Will Feel Secure As Your Child Will Be In Good Hands With Moppeteers!”
    Our son Pocholo has been with Moppeteers since 2015. We appreciate how personable the teachers are. The teachers call us anytime there is even a slight concern. This is very assuring to us. Pocholo started performing better when he was taught in his specific learning style. We also enjoy receiving daily updates and photos of our son’s activities via the school’s mobile app.
    Just a month after we enrolled Pocholo in the full day programme, we saw changes in his independence, confidence, social and communication skills. Since then he has learned so much holistically. We attribute this to the conducive environment, teachers and staff who are supportive, approachable, and who truly care about, not just for, the children.

  • Thank you all teachers for their wonderful support in nurturing out child. Being with his friends in school, he has learned the bond of sharing and caring…

Why Choose Us

Moppeteers provide a happy, comfortable and safe environment that contributes to the holistic development of the child. We provide a environment in which every child grows independently and its responsible for their own learning, which make us have an unique curriculum and be different.

Programmes IncludeOur Preschool Programme Part of a School
EMC2 Approach Learning
Flexible Start and Finish TimeYesNo
Play Based Learning ModeYesYes
Enrichment-Infused Regular ClassesYesNo
Nutritious and Organic Meal ProvidedYesMight Be
Child Mid-Month Admission Fee RebateYesNo
Individualised CurriculumYesNo
Open Throughout the yearYesNo
Government Support ProgramYesYes
Early Intervention Program for All AgesYesNo
Tuition For kids after SchoolYesMight Be
Year End Certification for KidYesNo
Trained Educators (Bachelor & Diploma)YesMight Be
Daily Child Updates (photos, videos & message)YesMight Be

Development Per Year

Aesthetic & Creative Skill 90 Hours
Language & Literacy Skill 160 Hours
Numeracy Skill 130 Hours
Discovery Of The World 114 Hours
Health & Fitness 90 Hours

Parents Daily Information

At Moppeteers, we strongly believe in spontaneous parent’s involvement. We are glad to welcome parents in parents in education and their involvement is vital in children development and progress. A two-pronged approach is used to foster and establish this partnership with parents

Formal Communication

Establishing and maintaining a proper communication channel through

  • Parents Teacher conference (twice a year)
  • Parents Teachers Alliance Book
  • Bulletin Board
  • Letters to Parents
  • Termly Newsletter

Moppeteers App

Get connected with your child daily activities through our app. Know how child response in class, feedback from teachers and every half hour updates.

Benefit of Moppeteers App:

  • Connect teachers, parents and students through photos, videos and messages.
  • Monitor your kid activity during your busy schedule.
  • Parents can also act as team and share in classroom experience of their kids.
  • Never miss any activity or new development in your growing kid.
  • Know what your kid loved in food today.