Enrichment Programmes

Moppeteers is a one stop Learning Hub providing numerous enrichment for your precious little one. We, at Moppeteers, believe in providing and delivering quality and fun lessons. Our Enrichment programmes have been a result of 10 years of research and studies to understand how each enrichment programme can be delivered effectively and efficiently. Most of the enrichment programmes are included in our curriculum for overall development of children.

Day Monday – Friday
Years old 18mnths – 6yrs
Teacher Student Ratio 1:8
Class duration 1 - 2 Hours
Transportation available
Class staff 3teachers and 2caretaker

Robotics & Coding

Moppeteers, introduce Preschool coding programme designed for young children of age 3-6. It is a learning tool with interactive programmes and physical coding blocks to give commands and visually confirm codes – the first of its kind in Singapore. It will help students to learn the fundamental concepts and mechanisms of coding. It is OUR Coding Enrichment Class!

Speech and Drama

Our Speech and Drama instructor has over 15 years of experience. He is very much liked and sought after by children. His lessons are so creative and exciting that he “brings” the children into a fantasy world where they bring out the creativity and their dramatic talents.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

At Moppeteers, we do not give the children standard written paragraphs or phrases but we explain to their and “paint the picture” to the children to visualise the scenario before writing. However, we do guide them to use appropriate vocabulary to further enhance their writings.


At Moppeteers, we teach explicitly on the pronunciation of each alphabet and how to blend the sounds together. We do it in a joyful lesson so that the children will have fun learning and understand better.

Foreign Language

At Moppeteers, we do have foreign languages such as French and Japanese.


We will teach your child how to utilise his Micro and Macro Motor skills in a fun way at the same time guide your child to use and combine a few moment skills to go through a “obstacle course”.


It also creates opportunities for self-expression and communication within the constraints of the medium of the body.

Young Artist

we guide the child the basic fundamentals of arts as We do not restrict the child’s creativity and use of colours.

Fun and Craft

This enrichment will help the children work on their bodily-kinaesthetic and visual-spatial intelligences as they use their creativity and motor skills to put the materials together.

Questions and Answers

No, school provide as the art classes accessories .

Yes, as our curriculum is Enrichment infused program we have included various language and fitness enrichment activities in our timetable.