Kids are the foundation of our society and with the right amount of care and attention they can turn out to be the builders of the future. They are like the foundation stones that we lay down before constructing a building, if not place rightly, the entire foundation of the building becomes shaky. With this thought in mind, the parents of Bedok city in Singapore often found it a challenge to pick the right place to send their kids for daycare and pre-schooling. While the plethora of options, each with unique features were quite alluring, there wasn’t much clarity on what basis should the decision be made.

What are the facilities that the day care centres in Bedok or the pre-schools in Bedok should have in order to make it the right choice for the parents ? The need for right source of learning and development starts at 18 months and a constant source of enrichment needs to be maintained till 6 years of age for a child’s mental ability to develop well. The child development programs employed by Moppeteers include outdoor activities, social skills building sessions, cognitive learning and development programs, motor skills harnessing programs, etc. Intricate details like the batch size for the playgroup, the teacher to student ratio and the surroundings are all given utmost importance while designing a program for the kids. This makes Moppeteers a very popular choice for kids in Bedok.

The east coast offers great facilities and amenities for outdoor sports and open house learning programs and at Moppeteers, we make full use of it. Located in Siglap area, Moppeteers has the experience of running many successful pre-schools and Playgroup programs for kids from 18 months to 6 years of age. Use of speech, drama, indoor and outdoor games, visual interactions all aid in overall growth and development of the kid. At Moppeteers, we believe that as much as your kid thinks and imagines and observes the surroundings, the more mental growth happens. This freedom of thought should however be captured and harnessed to its full potential and we believe that is only possible by professional attention. So, we take out research and development very meticulously and ensure all programs are designed to bring out the complete potential in your kids.

Off late early childhood education has gained a lot of importance because it has been observed that a kid develops certain habits from early on and if not given the correct surrounding, the habit might become a big hurdle in their success later. Ensuring the right exposure to the outer environment is really important in the formative years and the with right environment comes apt company. And at Moppeteers we thrive by the saying “A happy n healthy kid means a happy and healthy family.”


Located in a neighbourhood situated in the eastern part of Singapore. Quiet ambience and away from traffic congestion.


Our Services

Premium Childcare Programmes

Premium Childcare Programmes

  • Playgroup (18mths – 30mths)
  • Nursery One (30mths – 47mths)
  • Nursery Two (4yrs)
  • Kindergarten One (5yrs)
  • Kindergarten Two (6yrs)

Enrichment Programmes

Enrichment Programmes

  • Foreign Languages
  • Phonics
  • Speech & Drama
  • Robotics & Coding
  • MMA-kids
  • Kids Yoga
  • Mummy and Me
  • Tot Club (Infant Enrichment)